Horace Bones haunts The B.East March 29th 2018

After a particularly memorable incident involving Private Function's Chris Penne and two bottles of mustard & ketchup earlier in the month, everyone was now completely aware that wild live bands were more than welcome at The B.East. The next highly anticipated show was the B.East debut of Horace Bones, who had spent the early parts of the year writing new material that one go on to form the bulk of their 2019 debut album Terra.

At this time however the songs were quite different (particularly lyrically) and this played very well into the bands mystique, with songs that were clearly very complex & poetic delivered so harshly that without a recorded release it would be impossible to decipher their meaning. Joining them would be Fitzroy's prodigal son and bartending acrobat Spike The River, (who to my knowledge can be the first performer credited with diving off the bar into the audience at The B.East) as well as Bad Batch, (if you never got to see them do yourself a favor and listen to their EP Going Nowhere on spotify). This was one of the first times I attempted editing footage i'd recorded from a show, here's a link to Horace Bone's unreleased song 'Riot': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZRPXweP22g And here's Chris attempting to digest an entire bottle of mustard through his face: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DVgw4atqdI Spike The River

Bad Batch

Horace Bones