"We just play rock and roll." - Interview with The 50/50's

This lockdown Bill's been reaching out to some of our friends in music around the world to catch up on what they've been up to in the pandemic era.

Today's interview is with honorary residents and much appreciated Japanese rockers Yohei & Motoki from The 50/50's. Frequently touring around Australia thanks to Bone Soup, the 50/50's have become a staple international band at local shows and ambassadors for Japan's incredible garage rock scene.

Where did you stay during the quarantine?

How long did it take to finish?

We spent most of our time at home. It's improved now, but It’s terrible all of the toilet paper was out of stock in store.

The concert schedule was zero for about two months.

What did you do to keep busy?

Since we have decided to release a new work, we were preparing for recording and distribution with a small number of people. There were no concerts, but we was very busy.

You've played a few shows now, how different is it for you?

It's completely different from before the Corona Panic. There are vinyl sheets on the stage, there is a mark on the standing position of the audience, everyone wears a mask. But if the rickenbacker roars and the drum beats, we just play rock and roll.

You've had two new releases this year, 'BONES' & the cover album 'ROOT OF 50/50's'

What inspired you to release an album of covers?

We had a decided release of EP and album, so we thought about a different approach. We also played the cover at concerts and thought it was a good time to record. We want everyone to listen to the music we listened to. It would be awesome if vinyl could be released in Australia someday!

Of the two albums which did you enjoy making the most?

Both were wonderful experiences. If you dare say, "ROOTS OF 50/50's" was recorded by Marya of KING BROTHERS. We were very excited because we were fans of KING BROTHERS.

Is there anything you would like to tell your Australian fans and friends?

That's too bad we couldn't go on a tour in April because of a fucking virus. The confusion still continues, but we'll definitely go to Australia again. We hope everyone are doing well. Thank you.

Thanks again to legends Yohei Isozaki & Motoki Ikemoto for the interview! Can't wait to see them back here soon.

Please support their physical releases here as well as on Spotify below: