The Coin Toss Tour San Remo March 16th 2018

The Coin Toss Tour was a national tour featuring Dumb Punts, Pist Idiots, Mini Skirt & Charging Stallion. The tour was named as such as every gig the bands would do a series of coin flips to determine who played in which order at every show. This led to a whole tour of uniquely fun gigs with a different headliner every night. Mini Skirt were unable to make it to all of the Melbourne dates so who could fill in but Amyl & The Sniffers, fresh off their appearance at Jerkfest IV. Also joining the roster were Tony Dork, who had already played with Pist Idiots & Mini Skirt for their 'Hot' tour back in December & were more than happy to travel out. March 16th 2018 was the first time we rented a car and ventured out beyond Melbourne to see a regional show. We got to San Remo early and drove on through to Philip Island & stopped for lunch in Cowes.

We shared an Airbnb with Tony Dork and Jack spent our pre-drinks trying to do a kickflip (which funnily enough almost broke HIS ankle).

And of course you can't visit San Remo without seeing the Vietnam veterans museum

As anyone who saw a show from this tour will tell you every band was phenomenal and by the end of the run everyone had played atleast one runaway spectacular set. It's hard to pick a favorite for this one but this was one of those times where you got to see a snapshot of the live show monster that Amyl would become. You can have a look at them play through 'Cup of Destiny' that would be released a few weeks later here:

Tony Dork

Charging Stallion

Pist Idiots

Dumb Punts

Amyl & The Sniffers