Playlists Vol.3

What's up cherry massive? Sorry I didn't see your messages lol I've been so busy hehehe xx. We've been posting a few playlists that some of our mates have been listening to recently, it's been real cool discovering so much different stuff that i'm not used to listening to so hopefully you'll find something you like from these too. Jake Doyle (Drunk Mums)

'Dingos Doinks'

Garage rock hits from across time & space.

Pablo Andres Murdoch Alvarado (Mesa Cosa, Bone Soup)

'Super Chill Songs to Chill the Fuck out To'

'A chiller mix of guitar/electro and ambiental for chillin at home. Carefully curated for good mellow vibes. Get high, take a guilt free break and do nothing. This is ya mix bb Xx'

Dougal Shaw (Dr. Sure's Unusual Practice, Marthouse Records, Hot Sludge Fundae)

'Pedo Priests On The Parish Payroll'

'Dedicated to victims of abuse and any sick prick who continues to back the Catholic Church. SEE YOU IN HELL PELL!'

Rory Joy (Catalano, Sweet Gold)

'Power Metal Essentials'

I've always been a huge fan of power metal, if there's ever been a perfect introduction to the genre, this is it.

Hayley Evans (Forever Renter, Charging Stallion)

'social distancing cry mix'

'what I listen to while having a sook about the whole corona thing'

Andrea Abbondanza (Livetrigger, Zero To Drum)

'My Melbourne Favourite Songs'

'A few of my favourite songs from Melbournian bands'

Fazrie Abdullah (King Cig)

'king cigs hotpot of trash'

'just straight MF bangers'

And for the brave here's our megamix link with all of the above playlists. Put it on shuffle and hope for the best. It's like when you go to buy four packages of mi goreng but someone angrily yells at you to stop hoarding even though it's all your broke-ass can afford after getting pissed last night on house party so you have to do the walk of shame to place them back on the shelves.