Playlists Vol.5

If you didn't see yesterday Desert Highways put out a massive release on bandcamp of 200 donated songs, i've barely even got a quarter of the way through it and already heard some massive tracks.

There's quite a few interesting bits and bobs from bands all over the globe so I highly recommend giving it a look through at the link below.

Desert Highway's 'No Gigs Does Not Have To Mean No Music'

We've been posting a few playlists that some of our mates have been listening to recently, it's been real cool discovering so much different stuff that i'm not used to listening to so hopefully you'll find something you like from these too.

Sean Powell (Surfbort)


I'm a little bit cuntry.

Scout Tester (Slush, Meat, Me Channel)

5 breakdowns that you've gotta hear


Peter Russo (Nightbirds, Private Function, AMMO)


Some PMA for your iso blues

Issy Melville (Bone Soup, Globe Alley)

Souper Mix

"These songs don't really have anything in common other than being songs that I like, here they are, bing bang boom"

Elsie Lange (Elsie Lange, pting, LVIV)

75 songs I've been listening to lately

A little bit of everything

Tony Clay (Tony Clay, Zombeaches, Kill Dirty Youth)

Cigarettes & Red Wine

"Ladies & gentlemen, light yourself some candles, grab your favourite bottle of red, clean the ashtray out & enjoy a few of the tunes I like to play when unwinding 🖤"

And for the brave here's our megamix link with all of the above playlists.

Put it on shuffle and hope for the best.