Playlists Vol.8

Very happy for all of our mates that are able to start booking shows back in, feels like VIC is a whiles away but hopefully we get everything back under control soon.

We've been posting a few playlists that some of our mates have been listening to recently, it's been real cool discovering so much different stuff that i'm not used to listening to so hopefully you'll find something you like from these too.

Tristan Trashcan (Brad Pot, B.L.T, Posh Boys)

Enter the trashcan

'a bit of what I’ve been listening to lately while i paint in my studio to get me all up and moving and ready to work for the day'

Layla-Rai Cambourne (Layla, Girl Germs)

Bingle bangle bungle, don’t ask, don’t know

Things that go 'pop'

Mitch Cassin (Meat, Smooch, Glue Eater)

No punks in the Casino

No punk is good punk

Tylah Kerr (Innocent World, Pleasant Valley)

The T-Bird Special

'Good songs to drink to'

Dan Cunningham (ARSE)


Filthy, filthy rock

Matt Parlane (Matt Parlane and His Issues, Sadults, Bug Hunt, Meat, Brad Pot)

Matt Slist

‘music that makes up a Matt’

And for the brave here's our megamix link with all of the above playlists.

Put it on shuffle and hope for the best.