Playlists Vol.9

After the last couple of weeks news it feels like next year is the year but please continue to support local venues & artists however you can. There are plenty of good fundraisers, merch & releases out there, whatever you can spare will go a long way. We've been posting a few playlists that some of our mates have been listening to recently, it's been real cool discovering so much different stuff that i'm not used to listening to so hopefully you'll find something you like from these too.

Will Shepherd (These New South Whales)


'A bunch of songs that I’ve either recently found and fell in love with or just renewed my vows on'

Emma Hellings (The Spaghetti Stains)

Bininj Kunborrk

'Bininj Kunborrk translates to "traditional song and dance".

This is a small representation of the vast voices of indigenous first nations people.'

Maisie Everett (The Bel Air Lip Bombs)

what ive been listening to

'This is just a lil compilation of songs I’ve been listening to most atm!'

Will Morgan (Le Pine)

hankwood isnt on spotify

'A general recap of the past few week including but not limited to, disco, garage & hardcore'

Lachie McDonald (Tony Dork)

Some Synth Songs

'some synth songs that i like'

Oscar O'Shea (2 Stroke)

New releases I like

Probably bad to listen to in order, unless you are in a super indecisive mood, but yes i like these songs.

And for the brave here's our megamix link with all of the above playlists.

Put it on shuffle and hope for the best.

First playlists post that I don't have photos of everyone! Still so many bands to see, gotta snap em all.