Premiere: Hardcore Victim Live

We've dug through Bill's archive and made a list of the best of the best unreleased gig footage. Until we're back on Johnston Street we'll be uploading one of them every week. This week we're going over some of the best shows from local legends Hardcore Victim.

If you've never heard of them, Hardcore Victim is a label formed by Bernadette, Heng & Stu out of Melbourne. Immersed heavily in the hardcore scene since 2009, these three have worked extremely hard on putting some of the best hardcore tours and shows around Australia for over a decade now.

Originally I was familiar with the band Enzyme which Stu and Heng play in (vocals and guitar respectively) which seemed to feature in almost every killer hardcore show each year.

A few google searches later and I realized that Enzyme is only the tip of the iceberg, and that these three have a ridiculous amount of international touring experience.

Having played around world from Asia to North America on many occasions, they are always seeking out the best bands they encounter to join them on national Australian tours.

The past few years have been particularly busy booking national tours for bands such as Zodd from Singapore and Ferocious X from Japan. Though these shows were nothing short of incredible, it's hard to look past the annual Hardcore Victim Festival, which takes place over multiple days with international guests every year.

Last years was particularly special for their 10th anniversary, with both Friday & Saturday night at The Tote selling out instantly. We were lucky enough to attend and my god was it not one of the best shows I've ever seen.

Not only was the lineup absolutely one of a kind with an all-star cast from Australia & the world, I even met fellow punters who traveled from as far as Europe just for these concerts.

The atmosphere was electric and all the acts played so faultlessly it was hard to pick a single favorite, or at least it was until the much anticipated reunion of Australian veterans Pisschrist. Their set was one of the most intense and fantastic I've ever seen and proved that even surrounded by such spectacular international talent; the locals can still shine like a diamond.

Our footage of Enzyme, Ferocious X and Zodd will go live at 6pm Friday AEST. Tune in then or watch anytime afterwards, the link is available below.