Premiere: Hoon Live at 116 Crown St

We've dug through Bill's archive and made a list of the best of the best unreleased gig footage. Until we're back on Johnston Street we'll be uploading one of them every week.

Early last year we made the pilgrimage to Wollongong to sink a million beers and yell at the apartments across from Dicey O'Reily's. Notable side-quests from the mission included Yours And Owls Festival & Bill's second photography exhibition The Gong Show at 3D Studios.

If I remember correctly this was the first solo show for Scab Baby's Tombeau, an intense head-first dive into the world of synth after the electro grooves of Yen Strange.

But as with all great art shows it achieved it's intended purpose of an apt excuse to heavily pre-drink on a budget for the main event of the evening, Hoon.

Playing live from an art-installation set up in a shipping container in the middle of the CBD, flames projected onto the church opposite it, this was one of the most unique show set ups I've ever seen.

Frontman of the band and architect of the evening Daniel Breda would go so record to say that it was 'sick' and the denizens of Illawara would respond with an emphatic 'yeah'.

After such a great success it would be criminal to not bring this back when gatherings are allowed to re-commence, looking at you Wollongong City Council.

Our footage of Hoon premieres on our youtube channel tonight 6pm AEST.