Premiere: Private Function 'St. Anger' & Clowns 'Bad Blood'

We've dug through Bill's archive and made a list of the best of the best unreleased gig footage. Until we're back on Johnston Street we'll be uploading one of them every week.

This weekend it's double or nothing.

Private Function's much anticipated debut album 'St. Anger' was one of our most anticipated releases last year and did not disappoint.

Fans swarmed the sold out Tote Hotel for one of the bands biggest displays of equal parts insanity & depravity and were greeted with blunt force trauma to the head delivered by inflatable rafts.

We were also front and center having recovered from the hot dog eating competition in the front bar (typing this out I can't believe it actually happened) and I recorded the entire set from the stage.

Also last year was Clowns' great "Keepin the Dive Alive' which saw the Wacken & Download festival veterans return to their roots playing local bars featuring each of their albums in it's entirety.

We were fortunate enough to be in attendance for the show at Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar where they played through their punk rock classic 'Bad Blood'.

This album is easily one of their most critically acclaimed releases and the show was the first (of many) to sell out on this tour. With some of their biggest bangers like 'Euthanise Me' and 'Never Enough' as well as my personal favorite Clowns' song 'Swallow Your Dreams', everyone was completely ready for the wild show that ensued.

Private Function's St. Anger will play at 6pm Friday AEST & Clowns' Bad Blood will be at 6pm Saturday.

The video links are available below as well as on the Facebook Event.

I don't have photos from these events as I was busy recording so please enjoy the below gallery of some of my favorites from many many different gigs seeing both of these bands.