Snake Valley Fibre to The Brain Live

After being back in Melbourne for a few months I've realized living walking distance from Last Chance is more dangerous than I thought. I'm pretty lucky to have a good drunk auto-pilot but i've found myself walking past my new house way too many times already.

While my legs and wallet certainly aren't appreciative it has been great getting out and seeing a bunch of old friends around town as well as plenty of newer bands.

So many of these shows are a wild time with plenty of them selling out during this reduced capacity period.

Case in point this show from Snake Valley on a Thursday night back in January.

Heavy riffs, heavy drinking and heavy hangovers were had by all.

I recorded one of their songs Fibre to The Brain and chucked a bunch of my footage from the gig together for it, it's not been released yet so you'll have to make do with this version til theres a follow up to their debut album Giddy Up! from back in September.

You can listen to more Snake Valley on Spotify as well as their bandcamp here.

I've also put up some photos from the gig at the bottom of the page.