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  • "We just play rock and roll." - Interview with The 50/50's

    This lockdown Bill's been reaching out to some of our friends in music around the world to catch up on what they've been up to in the pandemic era. Today's interview is with honorary residents and much appreciated Japanese rockers Yohei & Motoki from The 50/50's. Frequently touring around Australia thanks to Bone Soup, the 50/50's have become a staple international band at local shows and ambassadors for Japan's incredible garage rock scene. Where did you stay during the quarantine? How long did it take to finish? We spent most of our time at home. It's improved now, but It’s terrible all of the toilet paper was out of stock in store. The concert schedule was zero for about two months. What did you do to keep busy? Since we have decided to release a new work, we were preparing for recording and distribution with a small number of people. There were no concerts, but we was very busy. You've played a few shows now, how different is it for you? It's completely different from before the Corona Panic. There are vinyl sheets on the stage, there is a mark on the standing position of the audience, everyone wears a mask. But if the rickenbacker roars and the drum beats, we just play rock and roll. You've had two new releases this year, 'BONES' & the cover album 'ROOT OF 50/50's' What inspired you to release an album of covers? We had a decided release of EP and album, so we thought about a different approach. We also played the cover at concerts and thought it was a good time to record. We want everyone to listen to the music we listened to. It would be awesome if vinyl could be released in Australia someday! Of the two albums which did you enjoy making the most? Both were wonderful experiences. If you dare say, "ROOTS OF 50/50's" was recorded by Marya of KING BROTHERS. We were very excited because we were fans of KING BROTHERS. Is there anything you would like to tell your Australian fans and friends? That's too bad we couldn't go on a tour in April because of a fucking virus. The confusion still continues, but we'll definitely go to Australia again. We hope everyone are doing well. Thank you. Thanks again to legends Yohei Isozaki & Motoki Ikemoto for the interview! Can't wait to see them back here soon. Please support their physical releases here as well as on Spotify below:

  • Premiere: Voiid, Crocodylus & A.Swayze at Brunswick Music Festival

    We've dug through Bill's archive and made a list of the best of the best unreleased gig footage. Until we're back on Johnston Street we'll be uploading one of them every week. Or at least that was the plan, unfortunately with the recent news in Victoria it seems that live events are getting further and further away from us. I'm still very optimistic we'll start seeing good results soon and begin heading in the right direction but right now I've got so many commitments on that I'll be taking a hiatus from the video premieres. There's still plenty of Johnston Street content to come in the future and I do look forward to getting back to these however it's time to shift gears and focus on getting through the challenging weeks ahead of us here in VIC. Thankyou to everyone who has been supporting and reading these articles! It's been a lot of fun to make and very rewarding to finally share these great concerts with you all. I'm excited to get back to live concerts and new experiences as I'm sure we all are. Anyway without any further adue; let's take another trip back in time to Brunswick Music Festival 2019. The annual Brunswick Music Festival had a great 2019 with a plethora of events across a myriad of different venues (hows that for some $5 words?) but for my money the highlight was the Triple Header show at Brunswick Mechanics Institute. Boasting an all star cast of Voiid, Crocodylus and A.Swayze & The Ghosts, the gig was a guaranteed sell out from the moment it was announced. We'd already seen each of these bands before but never on such a stacked lineup, which toured nationally together during the year. Although they were up first, the band I was most eager to see again was undoubtedly Voiid. I'd seen them in 2017 at Cherry Bar where they ran through hit after hit, even covering the classic Daria theme song by Splendora. Their Victorian shows were few and far between since then so I was pleased to see they had not stopped improving, bringing heaps of energy to the crowd even during the other bands sets. Crocodylus & A. Swayze followed suit both delivering stellar performances. Our footage from the show will go live at Friday 6pm AEST. Tune in then or watch anytime afterwards, the link is available below.

  • Premiere: Hardcore Victim Live

    We've dug through Bill's archive and made a list of the best of the best unreleased gig footage. Until we're back on Johnston Street we'll be uploading one of them every week. This week we're going over some of the best shows from local legends Hardcore Victim. If you've never heard of them, Hardcore Victim is a label formed by Bernadette, Heng & Stu out of Melbourne. Immersed heavily in the hardcore scene since 2009, these three have worked extremely hard on putting some of the best hardcore tours and shows around Australia for over a decade now. Originally I was familiar with the band Enzyme which Stu and Heng play in (vocals and guitar respectively) which seemed to feature in almost every killer hardcore show each year. A few google searches later and I realized that Enzyme is only the tip of the iceberg, and that these three have a ridiculous amount of international touring experience. Having played around world from Asia to North America on many occasions, they are always seeking out the best bands they encounter to join them on national Australian tours. The past few years have been particularly busy booking national tours for bands such as Zodd from Singapore and Ferocious X from Japan. Though these shows were nothing short of incredible, it's hard to look past the annual Hardcore Victim Festival, which takes place over multiple days with international guests every year. Last years was particularly special for their 10th anniversary, with both Friday & Saturday night at The Tote selling out instantly. We were lucky enough to attend and my god was it not one of the best shows I've ever seen. Not only was the lineup absolutely one of a kind with an all-star cast from Australia & the world, I even met fellow punters who traveled from as far as Europe just for these concerts. The atmosphere was electric and all the acts played so faultlessly it was hard to pick a single favorite, or at least it was until the much anticipated reunion of Australian veterans Pisschrist. Their set was one of the most intense and fantastic I've ever seen and proved that even surrounded by such spectacular international talent; the locals can still shine like a diamond. Our footage of Enzyme, Ferocious X and Zodd will go live at 6pm Friday AEST. Tune in then or watch anytime afterwards, the link is available below.

  • Premiere: Tyrannamen Live at The Night Cat

    We've dug through Bill's archive and made a list of the best of the best unreleased gig footage. Until we're back on Johnston Street we'll be uploading one of them every week. This week we flash back to 2018 for the Civic 'New Vietnam' album launch at The Night Cat. With the sold out show with Drunk Mums & Brad Pot back in February being one of the best gigs I've ever been to, I was really excited for the next huge show at the Night Cat. With a star studded support cast of Tyrannamen, Vanilla Poppers and Sweet Whirl, the place filled out quick even on a Thursday night. I'd seen Tyrannamen for the first time earlier in the year at Jerkfest IV and was blown away. I waited at the front of the stage completely unaware of excited the Barwon Club were for for them to start. There wasn't a single song that didn't have somebody in the crowd singing along word for word. Our footage of Tyrannamen will go live at 6pm Sunday AEST. The video link is available below.

  • Playlists Vol.9

    After the last couple of weeks news it feels like next year is the year but please continue to support local venues & artists however you can. There are plenty of good fundraisers, merch & releases out there, whatever you can spare will go a long way. We've been posting a few playlists that some of our mates have been listening to recently, it's been real cool discovering so much different stuff that i'm not used to listening to so hopefully you'll find something you like from these too. Will Shepherd (These New South Whales) /johnstonstreet 'A bunch of songs that I’ve either recently found and fell in love with or just renewed my vows on' Emma Hellings (The Spaghetti Stains) Bininj Kunborrk 'Bininj Kunborrk translates to "traditional song and dance". This is a small representation of the vast voices of indigenous first nations people.' Maisie Everett (The Bel Air Lip Bombs) what ive been listening to 'This is just a lil compilation of songs I’ve been listening to most atm!' Will Morgan (Le Pine) hankwood isnt on spotify 'A general recap of the past few week including but not limited to, disco, garage & hardcore' Lachie McDonald (Tony Dork) Some Synth Songs 'some synth songs that i like' Oscar O'Shea (2 Stroke) New releases I like Probably bad to listen to in order, unless you are in a super indecisive mood, but yes i like these songs. And for the brave here's our megamix link with all of the above playlists. Put it on shuffle and hope for the best. First playlists post that I don't have photos of everyone! Still so many bands to see, gotta snap em all.

  • Johnston Street Prints are online!

    After several months battling the postage system I've finally got everything I need to start making my own photo prints! You can find all the available options & details at the new Shop part of the website, as well as a list of all bands I've taken photos of at the bottom of this article. All my prints are one of a kind, never to be re-printed with shipping included in the cost and a further 20% off if you're getting a photo of yourself or a friend for a gift (make sure to hit me up for the discount code). I wanted to put all the important info at the top of this article but I've also written a bit about my motivation behind photography and prints below, feel free to have a read. If you haven't heard me rant about it before; Jack and I were born in Geraldton, Western Australia. As our dad was a fisherman we spent large parts of our childhood growing up on Big Pigeon Island off the coast of Western Australia. The months that we'd spend there each year during the fishing season were some of the best times of my life, even though it was so long ago now not a week goes by that I don't think back to those days and smile. For our birthdays last year Dad sent us each a framed photo of our island home. As soon as I opened the box I was overwhelmed, I don't have the best memory in the world but it is crazy what comes back when there's something visual to prompt you. Swimming laps around the island, getting stalked by a tiger shark, playing pool at the pub while all the girls drove us insane with tap dancing practice, so many wild times. Over the past 3 years i've taken 180,000 photos of bands, friends, & family across hundreds of different concerts & festivals all over the country. When I think about what motivates me to spend so much money on cameras, lenses, concert tickets, flights and so on I think about the day after when I load all of the photos onto my computer and get to look back on all these great memories i've managed to capture. This year has made it pretty obvious that these times don't necessarily last forever. Eventually friends move cities, bands split up, venues close, and as we get older these fond memories slowly fade into our subconscious, waiting for an opportunity to come back to us. It sounds very preachy but this is why I really enjoy photography and especially being able to share it with the people I care about. These truly are the days of our lives and sometimes we take for granted just how lucky we are to have all of these fun experiences. I saw Pistol Peaches at their first ever concert at The Reverence Hotel's Halloween show back in 2017. I took a bunch of photos as usual and also filmed & uploaded one of their songs. The next day I saw that one of the band members mum had shared my video, she was so proud of her daughter and so happy to be able to share the video with her friends and family who couldn't make the show, who were all also super proud of her. The feeling I got from seeing that post is far more satisfying than any compliment, award or recognition I've ever received. I'm so honored to be able to preserve and share these great moments, to make a genuinely positive mark on someones life makes me so happy. This also plays into why I've chosen to never mass-produce any of my photos myself. Again it sounds really preachy but there's just something magical to me about having something one of a kind, a truly personalized item to cherish forever. I put a lot of time and effort into the cataloging, editing & printing process as I want every print to do justice to these great moments and look good enough to keep around for a long time. I think no less of the people who do though, it makes perfect sense when you've managed to create a iconic photo and you deserve all the credit and recognition that comes with that. THANK YOU to everyone who stuck through reading this to the end, whose complimented me on my photos, shared them around, attended my exhibitions and supported my photography & Johnston Street in general. It's been a really rewarding journey and I'm lucky to have met so many great people & made so many friends since we moved here 4 years ago. Although times are tough in Melbourne right now we're not going anywhere and you can bet your bottom dollar the moment concerts open back up i'll be in the front snapping away again. Have a great weekend and I'll see y'all in 6 weeks! - Bill LIST OF THE 413 BANDS I'VE TAKEN PHOTOS OF 10/7/2020 (CTRL-F / Find in Page if you're looking for a specific band name) 100 2 Stroke 50-50s A Basket of Mammoths A. Swayze & The Ghosts A.U.S Aaron Gocs Affection Afterburner Amyl & The Sniffers ARSE Auntie Leo & The Backstabbers Bad Dreems Bad Taste Baker Boy Bananagun Bass Drum of Death Being Beta Bench Press Biff BIN Birdcage Bitch Diesel Bleach Blockade Blood Moon Boat Show Body Corporate Body Maintenance Body Parts Bone Graft Bones & Jones Brad Pot Braincell Break Through Bug Hunt Bugs C.O.F.F.I.N Cable Ties Cakefight Cakewalk Calm Collected Carcinoid Cement Shoes Cereal Killer Charging Stallion Chess Chillers Chinese Burns Unit City Rose Civic Clamm Claws & Organs Cloacas Clowns Club Med Coffin Wolf Cold Heat Comedier Concrete Lawn Contaminated Cosmic Kahuna Courtney Barnett Cracodile Crash Material Creep Diets Crocodylus Culte Danny Walsh Banned Dark Water Deaf Wish Deafheaven Deceptive Bends Denise Le Menice Dental Plan Department Desarmados Destrends Dexy Oscillator Dicklord Die! Die! Die! Diploid Dirty Fences Dirty Juice Boy Disco Junk Distorta DJ Amy Dog Fight Don Bosco Dr Colossus Dr Sures Unusual Practice Dr. Colossus DriveTime Commute Drunk Mums Dumb Punts Durry Easy Browns Eat-Man Ecca Vandal Eggy El Tee Electric Mud Electric Toothbrush Elsie Lange Empat Lima Empty Gesture Enzyme Erin Will Be Mad Eternal Smoko Exhaust World Eye Seaweed Eyesores Fall And Resist Ferla Ferocious X Flight To Dubai Floodlights Flydrop Forever Renter Foxing Foxtrot Frenzal Rhomb Friends Front End Loader Frontsides Backsides Future Boys Future Suck Fuzz Meadows Fuzzsucker Gamjee Garlic Nun Gee Seas GELD Gentle Ben And His Shimmering Hands Girl Germs Glitoris Glomesh Go Get Mum Go-Go Sapien Gonzo Grewsum Tewsum Grey Mantis Grim Rhythm Grindhouse Guffman Gutless Hachiku Hackitt Hank Wood Hannah Kate Hanny J Haram Harlott Hävittäjät Hearts & Rockets Hedy Lamarr Hellebores Hexdebt Hideous Sun Demon Holy Serpent Homewrecker Hoon Horace Bones Hoss Hot Sludge Fundae House Deposit I Am Duckeye I Spit On Your Gravy Idiot Box Immigrant Union Intrusion Iron Hawk Israeli Chicks Jarrow Jeff Rosenstock Julia Shapiro Jungle Breed Jungle Cuffs Kaipora Kaitlin Keegan Kamikaze Trio Keggin Kill Dirty Youth King Cig Krul Lai Layla Lazertits Lifelock Lincoln Le Fevre & The Insiders Lions And Lambs Liquid Face Little Elizabeth Lo! Local Coward Loobs Los Chicos Los Tones Lost Talk Loveboner Lubulwa Lucy Waldron & Tommy Sloane LVIV Macros Mad Macka Mclusky Meat Meatbeaters Mesa Cosa Mid City Misc Miss June Moaning Lisa Mod Vigil Moler Moody Beaches Moon Lover Moonlover Mother And Son Muzzle Mystery Guest Naughty Naughty & The Good Boys Necrot Negative Gears Nein Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents No Future No Sister NoLa Noughts Odette Overstayer Painters And Dockers Palm Parsnip Party Dozen Party Pest Party Vibez Peeping Tom Perspex Pinch Points Pisschrist Pist Idiots Pistol Peaches Polish Posessed Mum Posh Boys Potion Power Prehistoric Douche Private Function Pseudo Mind Hive Psychobabel Pterygium Pting Public High Publique Punter Purple Duck Radolescents Ramdigital Rathead Rayza Reaper Red Lotus Red Sea Regurgitator Religious Observerance Remote Controlled Repo Man Rhysics Rinda & Marya RMFC Rob Casino Rocket Science Romero ROT TV ROT TV Promo RVG S.M. Jenkins S.P Twin Sadults Satanic Togas Scab Baby Scraggers Scum Raid Sex Drive Shady Nasty Shane & The Dog Cunts Shanty Tramp Ships Piano Shit Bitch Shonen Knife Sick Thoughts Silverlight Shadows Sistema En Decadencia Skull Fork Slag Queens Slim Jefferies Slush Smarts Smooch Sneaky Sound System Somertised Sophisticated Dingo Space Boys Spawn Speed Week Spew Balloon Spike The River Spike Vincent Spiral Perm Stella Donnelly Stiff Richards Stone Witches Straightjacket Nation Suppressant Surfbort Swab Sweet Gold Sweet Whirl Sydney Trip Synthetics Talc Tall Relatives Tankerville Terrible Signal Thatchers Snatch The All Seeing Hand The Attention Seekers The Bleeding Flares The Braves The Breadmakers The Buoys The Credits The Creeks The Dacios The Darrans The Deadlips The Dianas The Dixies The Dorks The Faculty The Fangin' Felines The Fuckups The Garden The Gurdies The Hard-Ons The Ians The Living Eyes The Meanies The Neptune Power Federation The Nugs The Pinheads The Pink Tiles The Rebel The Schizophonics The Skids The Tremors The Unknowns The Vee Bees The Wameki Thee Cha Cha Chas These New South Whales Thibault Thomy Sloane & Lucy Waldrone Thug Mills Tina Growls Toehider Tol Tombeau Tony Dork Totally Unicorn Traffik Island Trepaneringsritualen Troldhaugen Tropical Fuckstorm Trouble Boys Trucks True Defective Tsugnarly Tuff Mustard Tyrannamen Uber Alles Ubik Uncle Geezer Undercover Crops Unholy Trip Ute Root V Vajazzle Velvet Elevator Vintage Crop Violet Mercy Viral Eyez Voiid Walks Warped Wasterr Wavevom Wax Chattels West Thebarton White Dog Wicked City Woodys Bar Wurst Nurse Yeah Dont Care Year 6 Disco Zeahorse Zodd Zombeaches Zuma Zyanose

  • Premiere: Hoon Live at 116 Crown St

    We've dug through Bill's archive and made a list of the best of the best unreleased gig footage. Until we're back on Johnston Street we'll be uploading one of them every week. Early last year we made the pilgrimage to Wollongong to sink a million beers and yell at the apartments across from Dicey O'Reily's. Notable side-quests from the mission included Yours And Owls Festival & Bill's second photography exhibition The Gong Show at 3D Studios. If I remember correctly this was the first solo show for Scab Baby's Tombeau, an intense head-first dive into the world of synth after the electro grooves of Yen Strange. But as with all great art shows it achieved it's intended purpose of an apt excuse to heavily pre-drink on a budget for the main event of the evening, Hoon. Playing live from an art-installation set up in a shipping container in the middle of the CBD, flames projected onto the church opposite it, this was one of the most unique show set ups I've ever seen. Frontman of the band and architect of the evening Daniel Breda would go so record to say that it was 'sick' and the denizens of Illawara would respond with an emphatic 'yeah'. After such a great success it would be criminal to not bring this back when gatherings are allowed to re-commence, looking at you Wollongong City Council. Our footage of Hoon premieres on our youtube channel tonight 6pm AEST.

  • Playlists Vol.8

    Very happy for all of our mates that are able to start booking shows back in, feels like VIC is a whiles away but hopefully we get everything back under control soon. We've been posting a few playlists that some of our mates have been listening to recently, it's been real cool discovering so much different stuff that i'm not used to listening to so hopefully you'll find something you like from these too. Tristan Trashcan (Brad Pot, B.L.T, Posh Boys) Enter the trashcan 'a bit of what I’ve been listening to lately while i paint in my studio to get me all up and moving and ready to work for the day' Layla-Rai Cambourne (Layla, Girl Germs) Bingle bangle bungle, don’t ask, don’t know Things that go 'pop' Mitch Cassin (Meat, Smooch, Glue Eater) No punks in the Casino No punk is good punk Tylah Kerr (Innocent World, Pleasant Valley) The T-Bird Special 'Good songs to drink to' Dan Cunningham (ARSE) ARSE X JOHNSTON STREET Filthy, filthy rock Matt Parlane (Matt Parlane and His Issues, Sadults, Bug Hunt, Meat, Brad Pot) Matt Slist ‘music that makes up a Matt’ And for the brave here's our megamix link with all of the above playlists. Put it on shuffle and hope for the best.

  • Premiere: Cereal Killer Live at Bar Open

    We've dug through Bill's archive and made a list of the best of the best unreleased gig footage. Until we're back on Johnston Street we'll be uploading one of them every week. One of last years best punk releases had to be The Beginning & End of Cereal Killer, the aptly named first and last album of Geelong punks Cereal Killer. Featuring veteran members of many different bands like Smarts, Ausmuteants & The Living Eyes, this hardcore punk project had been on and off for many years. We were lucky enough to see them at The Tote for TALOIGA 2018, back when the kitchen served some of the best fried chicken I've ever had. Luckily for us they managed to get a final release and final show locked in at Bar Open before calling it a day. With a beautiful lineup of Geld, The Snakes and Hacker, this last minute show proved to be one of the best punk gigs of the year. Catch the entire recorded set on our youtube channel Friday 6pm AEST.

  • Premiere: These New South Whales Live around Australia

    We've dug through Bill's archive and made a list of the best of the best unreleased gig footage. Until we're back on Johnston Street we'll be uploading one of them every week. These New South Whales have had a big 2019 playing shows all over the shop. From the UK for The Great Escape Festival to Wollongong for Farmer & The Owl, to their Melbourne shows at Corner Hotel & Howler, it was hard to avoid running into these guys. To that end we've put together all of the best footage i've taken of Sydney's finest this last year. A mixture of plenty of songs from their debut album You Work for Us and last years I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do, plus their unreleased song Film The Cops. Our footage of TNSW will go live at 6pm Friday AEST. The video link is available below. PLEASE DON'T WATCH IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY - LOTS OF STROBE / FRANTIC LIGHTING

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